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Posted 9 months ago

Here’s an extra special one for some other very important people to me.

Now to prepare for a new years mood crash lmao. But for now hold wishey the star close and make a wish.

Posted 9 months ago

she loves flowers

Posted 9 months ago

displeased all my villagers today on the toy run event. aaaa

In related news mayor Bunny needs to stop drowning her sorrows in soap operas and ale. Send an emergency Isabelle hug.

Posted 11 months ago

Mhnn It’s been awhile since I’ve been unanxious enough to actually take a picture outa sketch mode.

Gonna do a legit drawing for once. Esp since my side projects has been actually getting shit done.

But yeah. Guess all the animal crossers in this picture if you dare. The two furthest from the back are of Ruhi and Casey I’ll give you that.

Posted 1 year ago

Uaahwhaaha Many much icecreams on the beach.