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My two fe skype team ladies. (Note this takes place a long while after the events of Awakening)

Nis is an elderly dragon whom terrorized the northern region of Ilusun until she ran into Waine. Tricked into protecting the girl both were captured and forced into a circus as captive beasts.

Waine is the “Last last taguel” Despite the best efforts of her ancestor Yarne, having many children couldn’t prevent the fact of their race’s quickly diluting blood with humans.

Though her siblings are many she is the last capable of turning into a beast. While normally motherly, she’s often mopey on account of this.

Nis has a bitter contempt towards mortals for the most part. The chains are cursed to bring her pain if she stays in dragon form too long. (So no more rampaging) Underneath Nis is a huge crybaby, but you’re more likely to have her eat you in a fit of rage than see that side.

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That’s..uh..Quite the lore buff we got here ahah. 

I wasn’t planning on going in depth into Nis’ tribe origins, but she is distantly related to divine dragons yes. 

She’s not a half breed, but rather a mix between two tribes, the other I hadn’t thought too much about frankly. But now that you’ve asked I’d have to say Fire tribe.

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Character for a Fire emblem skype stuff

A stoic manakete former circus performer, who is actually a huge woobie.

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Fourty minute sketch warmup