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I need at least one day before nightmare fuel is released.

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its almost like she lives for giving meltgar heart attacks…and or face attacks…on other people

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PLEASE, take a minute to see this video and spread the word, the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is trying to censor and control Internet access in Mexico.

They want to be able to create “silence zones” when there’s a public event, manifestation or any thing they can call “national security problem” were they would block internet, tv, radio and phones in those areas, considering past events and the extremely violent and corrupt nature of his government, it’s easy to know why they want this.

They also want logs of all internet users about where they are, who they are, what they say and to who (they are very ignorant and don’t realise this will only stop general public from communicating) they want to be able to “block you from internet” if you do anything they don’t like and even be able to put you in jail.

Also they want to control which sites and media can be seen in México, they want to make the internet use a “Pay per Event” thing, where you pay a fee for every message, video or site you want to access. It’s easy to tell that this people doesn’t know a thing about the way internet works.

Please help us stop this by making noise, next time it could be your country, USA and other nations have already tried this in the past, if we allow them to do it in México, other governments might try to follow the example for sure, with the lame excuse of  ”National Security”  as always.

Thank you.

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Kassar/Zhang Fei was always my favorite. Three kingdoms beat em up bara style, be still my heart.

Funny thing is that I never got to completely finish the game, but by far it was the most visually fun out of the MAME stuff that we had.