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Annie studies

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Love your Aurin picture a ton. Super cute and love the colors! I'm just suggesting, not telling you or criticizing your work negatively but maybe if you made the arms a little longer it might fix that off feeling. Thank you for sharing your art work!
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Oh gosh. Thank you very much. You don’t need to worry critique as much as you’d like.

I very much agree with the arms being short.Though I meant more stylistically in terms of it being “off”. But that’s also a good point to note. I’ll try and keep that in mind for next time.

Thanks again for the advice! :>

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Something still seems off about my work so just shitting around with the pen tool/blur tool. 

short bio underneath cut.

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How Wukong and Ahri work together or make benefits for each other?
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Not even going to bother calling you out by name. 

You have been obsessing over this for years now.

Time to stop.